Friday, February 20, 2009

Redesign does not always mean improvement - Rediseño no siempre significa mejoría

When a company decides to go through a redesign of their logo, it is usually done for an improvement. This is not the case of the logo redesign for Blimpie. Here you can see how they changed a logo that was at least playful for an insipid use of the font Futura Extra Bold.

Casi siempre cuando una empresa decide hacer un rediseño de su identidad es con el objetivo de mejorarlo. No ha sido ese el caso de la compañia de sandwishes Blimpie, que recientemente hizo un rediseño de su logo para usar únicamente el nombre Blimpie en la tipografía Futura Extra Bold. Un cambio desafortunado.

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Designer Dan said...

I suppose you already know about It's always fascinating to see logos become worse. Like Pepsi. Or Pizza the Hut! Seriously! But Blimpie- what were you thinking? That typing a font would make a logo?