Monday, December 28, 2009

About love and client relationships

This morning, while I was having breakfast, I was thinking: Ok, a client is like a girlfriend. Let me explain:
  • The first time I see her, I don't know her, but I see her and I think: I would like to make her mine before other designers go after her.
  • I send her gifts, flowers and chocolates, and I think: I hope to impress her with these work samples!
  • At the same time I ask her out for a date, and I think: I must prepare myself well for this interview, introduce my work and my offer.
  • Once she accepts me and we are in a stable relationship: This is a relationship that must be supported with respect, professionalism, and sincere communication.
  • Occasionally there is friction, like when she does not want to give me what I ask for, or she thinks that I am asking her for too much, then I think: I have to find a solution so that we can go on, after all we have a history together!
  • And if unfortunate things happen that make our relationship come to an end, then: it must be a friendly break up, otherwise my professional reputation could be affected.
  • And yes, disappointed girlfriends speak with their friends, and can put your love/professional prospects* in danger.
*truth be told, in matters like this, a monogamous relation is not advisable.

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