Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Wife's Favorite Color

When deciding what color will best represent your business in a logo, brochure, or website there are more issues than just personal preferences. A color can be warm, cold, serious, professional, humorous, energizing, vibrant, powerful, solemn, easy, refreshing, active or another number of adjectives. Your audience, meaning the people who will buy your products or services, can be attracted, or repelled, by the color your business wears.
Two years ago I had the opportunity to attend a lecture by a well-known international graphic designer about current trends in the field. The lecturer's first words made us all smile. He told us, with a very serious face: "The most frequently used color in graphic design nowadays is my wife's favorite color." Laughter spread through the room, and finally the lecturer smiled, convincing us that we didn't have to meet someone's wife to be up-to-date on our profession.
The fact of the matter is that he was talking about an experience that all designers have to face one day, when they are playing their best professional role at the first meeting with the client, or during a well planned presentation. Suddenly, the client turns to us and says: "I want it green, and don't ask me why, but that's my wife's favorite color..."

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