Thursday, March 22, 2007

Three Reasons to Have a Logo

First reason: A logo helps you to stand out. I invite you to do a very quick FREE experiment. Close your eyes and think of a company. Do not over-think it, just the first one that comes to your mind. Now, what's the first thing that came to your mind? The name. That's because as adults we have a line of thought where words are predominant. The second element to appear in your mind was probably an image: the company's logo. That's what makes that company stand out among the other companies that sell the same products or services. And that, my friend, is also the case for your company.
Second reason: A logo makes you look professional. Now, let's do a second quick and FREE experiment. Imagine yourself talking with a company's representative. You meet this person at a party, so you can't judge him or his company by the color of the walls in his office, or the sound of the doorbell when he opens the door. All you have is the conversation at the party and a business card. The next day you look in your pocket, and there is the card. It has the name and contact information of the person that you met the night before and a professional looking logo, clearly representing what the company does. Would you have the same impression if the card did not have a logo on it? If there is no opportunity for a long explanation of what your company does, there is still the presence of a professional looking logo. It is the first impression, and, as many first impressions, it could be the only opportunity you have to attract someone’s attention.
Third reason: A logo gives you loyalty from your clients and employees. We are all loyal to some brands. We may buy a specific brand of clothes, soda, food, or computers. What will make your clients choose your products or services once, and then again and again? You might say good service and good quality, and you are right! We all want to get impeccable service and excellent quality, and in fact, we get them from almost every company with which we deal. They wouldn’t survive otherwise. Your company will have to offer something different than what your competitors are offering. You must offer an experience, and that experience will be certified by the presence of your professional looking logo. Every time your customers visit the market, or sit in front of their computers to buy online, they will be able to identify your products, and your logo will become part of their lives. They will wear it on their clothes, they will show it to their friends and family, and it will make them feel proud, because your logo will represent more than just good service or quality, it will become a way to make them feel important.

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