Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some Colors and Meanings

How can we choose a color for a company's identity among so many colors available? Here is a short list of colors and their associated meanings:
Red: This is the hottest of the colors. It is energetic, full of life, vibrant and active. It is also one of the most visible colors. It is associated with passion, life, masculinity, energy, danger, anger, blood, fire and power.
Blue: This is a cold color. Dark blue has been associated with intelligence, stability, trust, depth and intellect. It is also the most calming and relaxing of the colors.
Green: This is also a cold color. It symbolizes health, nature, freshness, harmony and balance. It has been associated with money, spring and stability.
Orange: This is a warm color and very stimulating. It is associated with joy, vitality, creativity and energy. It is used to symbolize construction and is a great action trigger. It has been said to increases the craving for food.
Purple: This color can be cold or warm, depending on the amount of blue or red used in the mix. It is symbol of spirituality, luxury, royalty and power. In some cultures is also associated with disease.
Yellow: This is a warm color associated with energy, light, happiness, energy, creativity and the sun.
Black: This can be warm or cold, depending on the colors with which it is combined. It symbolizes elegancy, sophistication and mystery. In some cultures it is also a symbol of death.
White: White can also be warm or cold, depending on the colors with which it is combined. It symbolizes innocence, purity and light. In some cultures this color is associated with mourning.
With colors, however, there are not strict rules. Sometimes blue can make a BIG difference when red is abundant. Take for example the case of the two most popular soft drinks on the soda market. And one very popular brand of chocolate uses purple, a color far, far away from the traditional colors associated with chocolate.

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